Foundations of NoGi Grappling: Theories & Concepts

Foundations of NoGi Grappling: Theories & Concepts

Foundations of No Gi Grappling: Concepts and Theories brought to you by 10th Planet Black Belt Corey Guitard is designed to deepen your understanding of No Gi Grappling.

The goal of this BJJ instructional is to provide you with a conceptual explanation of Jiu Jitsu, a deeper look at the fundamental theories of the art, and a better understanding of the underlying principles that dictate and guide all the moves you learn, be it at the gym or online.

Why is this instructional different?
By learning and developing a deeper understanding of the fundamentals, you will have the knowledge to structure your game properly. Instead of simply learning a variety of moves, you will be able to create processes and frameworks tailored to different situations and positions.

Who is this instructional for?
For white belts who want to have a solid foundation of No Gi Grappling.
For blue belts who want to deepen their understanding of the art and feel more confident in their Jiu Jitsu.
For purple, brown and black belts that are looking for an extra source of knowledge and a maybe even a new way to structure their game.
For any grappler that wants to improve quicker at jiu jitsu, whether you suffer from gaps on the basics or looking for an edge in class or competition.

Professor Corey has a unique approach to the art and the ability to simplify otherwise complex theories, which will help you evolve your Jiu Jitsu rapidly and efficiently.

We are confident that you will enjoy learning from this exceptional teacher and athlete.

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Foundations of NoGi Grappling: Theories & Concepts

8 Videos

  • Intro to Theory

    This section is designed to help you lay a foundation for your study of jiu-jitsu and of grappling more broadly. It includes many of the Fundamental relationships which underlie the sport, and upon which all of the concepts and techniques that we use are built.his section is designed to help you...

  • Alignment and Movement Principles

    This section will help you to master the core movements of our sport and to better understand the concepts that inform the skills and positions we want to use.

  • Common Positional Relationships and Tools

    Submission grappling involves physics in a particular manner, producing particular rules that form the theoretical basis of the art. This truth scales down to every single position; each with its own sub-set of rules. In this sections we'll explain some of these positions, and the rules that gove...

  • Concepts for Game Design

    How can I get better, faster? This is the core question that we will try to answer in this section, at least in part. In terms of training methods and mental strategies, what can we do to construct our game, and our time on that mat in a manner which maximizes the speed and quality of our progres...

  • Framework for Training Modalities

    bonus video

  • Live Drilling Explained

    Bonus video

  • How to Structure your Training Sessions

    Bonus video

  • How to Structure your BJJ Learning